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“There was nothing Freud liked more than a blemish”

That’s a quote from Sue Tilley, Lucian Freud’s model. It was thought-provoking being in the presence of somebody who’d spent so much time with Freud: a bit like meeting Vermeer’s girl with a pearl earring or Frans Hals’ laughing cavalier. Her image will outlast all of us.

What I’m reading

Last week, Dawson asked me what I was reading and suggested I write a blog post about it. So here’s a list of what I’ve read over the past few weeks, and what I’m currently reading. I read some of these books intensely, over a couple of hours. Others I’ve been dipping in and out of […]

The Kickstarter projects I’ve funded

Kickstarter’s a great way to make a big difference to people’s creative projects at very little expense. Here are the Kickstarter projects I’ve funded so far: The Outliers A comic about a speech impaired 11 year-old buy living in the Pacific North woods who has a very unusual friendship with an 18 foot tool, hairy woodland […]



This is a copy of Kathleen Scott’s statue ‘Youth’ (1920).